Assembly and bonding

Union Systems for Assembly

AtornilladoScrewdrivers and tighteners

Pneumatic and electronic screwdrivers for small screws. Special screwdrivers
for big sizes. Servocontrolled screwdrivers allow accurate tightening torque.
Optional automatic self-feed of screws also available.



Pneumatic, electronic and servocontroled press. Application of high
strength force and/or precision. Wide variety of processes such as
insert parts, marking, bending, stamping and bolts.

SoldaduraResistance welding

Spots and rolling resistance, with fixed or mobile heads.

Pernos soldaduraBolt Welding

Bolts and nuts welding, possibility of self-feeding.

ResinasAdhesives and resins

Dossification of different adhesive and resins, with mono and bi-component.
Different ratios of application, with micro and big shots.
Application of the resin depending on the characteristics of the product.