Solids handling

Systems for gripping your products

Automatizacion pinzasGripper

Grippers for different products and shapes.
Possibility of specific chucks adapted to the application.

Automatizacion ventosas

Vacuum cups

Vacuum cups suitable for different shapes, sizes, fragile and weight products.
Possibility to use suction plates with an array of vacuum cups.

Automatización esponjasSuction foam

Handling of fragile products difficult to grip. Enables to grip
irregular and porous products, that can’t be gripped laterally and from below.

Automatización cabezalesMagnetic

Suitable for handling metallic parts from above.
Typically lightweight.

Automatización bolsas nemáticasPneumatic bags

Handling fragile objects. Used for light weights but can also be heavy weights.
Typically used for handling bottles on packaging.