Solids transportation

Transport of every product

Automatización unidades linealesLinear guide

Linear displacement for different sizes, weights and accuracy. By combining various linear guides we can achieve movements in several axes. Linear tables X, Y and gantries X, Y, Z and others can be build.

Sistemas transfer

Transfer systems

Handle of parts individually with pallet system.
Every part can be moved to different cells and machines depending on the control.

Cadenas automatizadasChains

Transportation over different types of plastics, metallic and flexible chains.
Suitable for wide range of uses such as heat and alimentary use.

Bandas transportadorasConveyor belts

Allow transportation of different types of products from powder to parts.
Conveyors can be build with welded plastics to carry grains or to support parts.

RodillosRoller conveyor

Transportation of heavy loads. Loads can be moved by gravity or electrically.

Rampas vibratoriasVibratory feeders

Feeding small and medium parts with high rates placing the part in the same position on the outlet.
Feeders are specially produced for every part.